Sunday, August 07, 2005

Links to Past Events Updated Constantly

To reiterate what was stated when this site started: Basically the essence of this site is in the Links rather than in the posts, which are going to far and few between. Adding links to past events/reports is an ongoing project. If anyone knows of any links to especially the pre-web days of QPR, that would be appreciated. Thanks

Newcastle Remember 5-5 Game - Newcastle Game

Sunday, July 10, 2005

And for Balance 20 Years since Jim Smith Took Over & 40 years since the season in which Rodney joined QPR

It's 20 Years since Jim Smith took over QPR and in his first season, the 1985/86 season, took QPR on a brilliant cup run to Wembley in the League Cup. All went well till the Final where QPR lost 0-3 to Oxford....

And it's Forty Years since QPR began the 1965/1966 season. We didn't win promotion, but in March 1966, it all began: Rodney Marsh signed for QPR...

A Decade since we began our Relegation season....THIRTY years since the onset of our "Championship" Season

THIRTY years ago since Hollins joined & the onset of QPR's 1975/76 "Championship" Season

It's 30 years ago since Dave Sexton's QPR were getting ready for their 1975/1976 "Championship" season, signing John Hollins and playing pre-season in Europe.

How the 1975/76 season ended1975-76 Table

1975-1976 Season Results (week by week)1975-1976 Results

How the previous - 1974/75 season ended (when Sexton took over from Jago)1974-1975 Table

How Liverpool "Stole" it from us - Liverpool's results & scorers..super sub FaircloughLiverpool

Players born during our "Championship" Season: Chris Day (July 75); Jamie Cureton (Aug 75) Kevin Gallen (Sept 1975) & Matt Rose (Sept 1975)

It's a Decade since Ferdinand & Wilson left...Osborne and Zelic came...and the terrible 95/96 season was about to begin!

It's a decade since our slide began: Summer of 1995: QPR sell Les Ferdinand to Newcastle for 6 million; and have Clive Wilson "taken" by Spurs.And QPR sign Simon Osborn and Ned Zelik (and also Greg Goodridge). Within a few months, QPR also signed Mark Hateley and Jurgen Sommer!

And a reminder of our ill-fated 1995/96 Squad1995-1996 Squad

Final Table of the 1995/96 Season 1995-1996 Table

How the just-ended 1994/95 Season ended1994-1995 Table

Fairly recent (date unknown) Interview with Ned ZelicNed Zelic

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


What I'm looking for: Links to original match reports/interviews/profiles at the time of players/games/news, etc. The problem of course, is finding links when much of it was the pre-web era.

Anyway, please post either as a message or send to - Thanks

Monday, June 27, 2005

Welcome to QPR Memories....Your Help is Welcomed and Requested

Welcome to QPR Memories

Your Help Requested!

This site is going to to be devoted to listing links to news articles re important events in QPR history; QPR matches; transfers; managerial changes; interviews; etc. It's very much an ongoing "work-in-progress."

This is going to be a very lengthy - actually never-ending - process. I've included a few such links...But obviously, there are many, many, many others. If you know of any news reports - WITH LINKS - of "important/momentous" QPR games OR QPR Events - The Merger with Wimbledon; managerial appointees; major players bought or sold, please send them to

The original site: will continue to list current news and links to current news sports.